Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Scythian statue

Scythian statue - monumental sculptures Iranian tribes of the Scythians, who lived in VII - III centuries. BC. e. These monuments are of two basic types. The first is the simple anthropomorphic form with clearly defined torso, shoulders and head, but without excessive detail. The second - male statue with an expressive face and presence descended down mustache. They are the leaders, soldiers and accompanied by marked an ax and a case for bow and arrows, and Riton (vessel in the form of a horn) in your hand. Also considered a characteristic feature of their folded hands on his chest. Traditionally, these statues set on mounds of Scythian nobility. Unclear primitiveness of their performance, because it is quite strange to the people, which was the bearer of Scythian art, trained in cooperation with ancient Greek classical tradition.