Sunday, May 19, 2013

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The masked figures engraved on sandstone slabs.Basin of the Abakan, Minusinskaya Basin, burial Tas-Khazali, Okunevsky time (The beginning of the second millennium BC. E.) According to AA Formosov and A. Lipsky.

Here we come to the fun part - the earliest images found in southern Siberia. Memorable places - Minus area, there is the village of Shushensk, the very thing which was once exiled VI Lenin. Ancient petroglyphs are not precisely identified, such as, for example, the Egyptian hieroglyphs. But, nevertheless, they have a secret, hidden meaning. What would the descendants of primitive artists to convey? These things are unknown to us ..... But we know that, until recently, these images worshiped by the indigenous. Their performed rituals, to sacrifice money, boiled meat, wine.
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  Is not it like the ancient Egyptian gods?