Tuesday, April 8, 2014

To Van

To Van and Mongolian culture, religion problem
By L. Daramsenge
To Van Society Scientific Consul member
For every nation culture development is very important problem. Religion is the integral part of people’s culture system. In XVIII century To Van was lived in eastern region of Mongolian who contributed very much to country culture and religion development. He created many new elements for Mongolian’s culture as politician, social activist and culture economic organization. It became clear from his executed work for eight danger saving great humanistic Jigvajidjab God’s sculpture at open area at Ikh Burkhan Mountian. To Van has a conception religion center must be uncentralized and near to herdsman in country region because religion travels to Tibet, China Utai take many time and much money fo religions to people therefore he decided build God’s sculpture and other religion for people, of own province.
There were many uneducated monks in his province and he instructed 1000 monks post decrease to 100 monks instead that he organized school for 300 pupils. It was big education reform in Mongolia of such period. Mongols love Janraiseg God very much as big saver from illness, snow fall, war, poverty, other plagues. When To Van build this sculpture complex realized and then start lovely period of renewing without snow, hot dry weather conditions and without any illness. Later during long period of time this complex creature reted and destroyed from time flow and repair forget.
After 1930 Janraisig complex was destroyed and it is stones replaced for car store tasks and for other goals, soon there were wars of 1939 and 1945. To Van was clever and principal real man also was love hard working, cultural, religion Mongols and did not love any lazy and untalented persons and thielves or cynic entrust persons about what people momeries from generation to generation transferred to our days.
To Van had much attention to animal breeding activity, handcraft development, culture field efforts, production activity alson he complied music, theatre and religion connected with hard and truth work, discipline of intellect and body also his, order of high level organization and management was very high and well. He understood this and transferred to next generation to main creaute or teachings as:
1.      Animal breeding technology describe book, it became world mean valuable proposal still actual in temporary Mongolia just now. Contrary if compare few thousand years agricultural experienced China has not any old teching of book on this field. So in history of Mongolia here is not any book or proposals before To Van still.
2.      Jigvajidjab Janraisig great God’s sculpture complex was build firstly by natural local material use and at open are of Ikh Burkhant Mountian by efforts of local masters. It helps to religion ceremonial provide to country people needs. To Van’s contribution to local culture and religion development was really great he was talented social, culture arrangement maker with much managing potentials about this demonstrated and proofed his life and work results also late generation’s study must understand better. Now for To Van’s study development there was initiated To Van Society in 1999, in near future it also will support researchers work in this field.
To Van’s teaching helps to Mongolian’s development in history and also in future. Cultural and human being development were as millstone of To Van’s thought and traditional Mongolian Kings conception. In near future we must essays, books and articles on To Van study. To Van Society will help to any research of To Van teaching.